Music Ministries

Music Director: Mary Gugler.   Text Mary at 252-204-8322 if you need to get in touch.

We are blessed to have our talented and dedicated music director, Mary Gugler. She brings leadership, enthusiasm, vision, and instruction to our Music Ministries! Adult Choir Practice is before Sunday service starting at 8:45 AM.  It is no longer necessary to come out on a weeknight.

  • Adult Choir - Sunday at 8:45 AM 
  • Handbell Choir - Sunday at 1:00 PM
  • PAUSED Guitar - 6:00 PM

The adult choir performs weekly during Sunday Service and the Handbell Choir performs on designated Sundays when they are ready. There are also special music performances prepared throughout the year such as on Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

In addition, Mary offers individual instruction on several more instruments at no charge, in return for performing during Sunday Service on occasion. 

We are always recruiting and would love to have new members.  Join us!

You may also know Mary from "Designs by Mary" located in Gasburg and part of the Lake Gaston music scene.

If you would like to enjoy some of our musical performances, please find them on our Facebook page