2023 06 11 Disaffiliation Discernment Vote

Members of PUMC please see the letter below from Pastor Ken which was mailed out to the membership on 6/4/23.

This communication follows the 5/31/23 information session with District Superintendent Jay about the topic of Disaffiliation (separation of the church) from the United Methodist Church organization related to homosexuality policy, officiating gay marriages, and ordination of LGBTQ clergy in the Book of Discipline -- though recognizing all as children of God. See May 28, 2023, Facebook post and prior church emails on this topic.

While pastors of the United Methodist Church cannot currently perform same-sex marriages, Prospect has always welcomed ALL to be part of its congregation and membership.

This next step is a 30-day discernment period to determine if the church wants to move forward considering disaffiliation or not. The vote on June 11 is a vote about the 30-day discernment period - not a vote on whether to disaffiliate or not. You can also vote via email to Chris Ruch as stated in the letter, before June 11.

NOTE: only members on record at Prospect can take part in this vote and any other related voting. A US Postal mailing has gone out to the full membership on record.

This is what your vote will mean:

- NO means you think the church should NOT further consider disaffiliation at this time and no further action is required; the church maintains its welcoming policy

- YES means you think the church should continue with the discernment phase with more information gathering and then decide about moving forward

If you have any questions or concerns we ask you to please contact Pastor Ken prior to Sunday's service or prior to your email vote.

Thank you.








If you have any questions or concerns we ask you to please contact him prior Sunday's service. Thank you.