2022 07 03 Three Can Sunday "Holly Haven"

It's "3 Cans Sunday" Our Holly Haven monthly mission. When you grocery shop remember the need and support. Check your pantries before you leave for church and be mindful of bring ]expired items. If you are not able to bring items this Sunday, we welcome you help fill our little red wagon anytime. Thank everyone for your love & support.

Suggested Items:
Cans of Vegetables (peas, green beans, corn, tomatoes)
Cans of Fruit
Cans of Soup
Cans of Meat: small cans of tuna, chicken
Cans of Pork and Beans or other Beans (also dried)
Canned Entrées (example: Spaghettios and ravioli)
Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
Packages of Powdered Milk
Boxes of Cereal
Boxes of Instant Oatmeal/Grits (individual packs)
Dry Pasta
Peanut butter
Tomato Sauce
Box of Sugar
Pancake Mix
Salad Dressings